Councillor Anamul Haque (Enam)

This register of interests was published on Friday, 20 April 2018, 12:08 pm.

1. Employment,office,trade,profession or vocation
Lasaan Restaurant 8 Whitehills Crescent Northampton NN2 8EP (Director)


2. Sponsorship
Receipt of election expenses
Labour Party
3. Contracts
Goods and services
4. Land
Business and land
8 Althorp Street Northampton NN1 2JQ (Home)
8 Whitehills Crescent Northampton NN2 8EP
27 Thruxton Drive Northampton NN3 6ES
5. Licences
Address of licence
6. Corporate Tenancies
Licensed address
7. Securities
Securities or Share Capital
Lasaan Restaurant 8 Whitehills Crescent Northampton NN2 8EP

Personal Interests

8. Anymembership or position of general control or management you have in regards to the following
Appointed Bodies
9. Any body exercising functions of a public nature
Body excercising public functions
10. Any body directed to charitable purposes
Charitable body
Save the Children
Osmani Nolier Education Trust
Crescent Cafe
11. Any body whose principle purposes include the influence of public opinion
Public influencing body
Labour party
12. Any gifts or hospitality worth over £25
Gifts and hospitality