Title Date Effective from Call-ins
HRA Budget and Rent Setting ref: 96422/02/201229/02/2012Call-in expired
Corporate Plan 2012-2015 ref: 96122/02/201229/02/2012Call-in expired
Treasury Management Strategy 2012-2015 ref: 96222/02/201229/02/2012Call-in expired
Capital Programme and Capital Strategy 2012-2015 ref: 96522/02/201229/02/2012Call-in expired
Prudential Indicators for Capital Finance 2012-2015 ref: 96622/02/201229/02/2012Call-in expired
General Fund Revenue Budget Setting 2012-2015 ref: 96322/02/201229/02/2012Call-in expired
Equalities Report ref: 96022/02/201229/02/2012Call-in expired
Ombudsman Report regarding an application for Disabled Facilities Grant15/02/2012For Determination  
Central Area Action Plan Submission Document15/02/2012For Determination  
Parking at St John's Surface Car Park and at Albion Place15/02/2012For Determination  
Finance and Performance Report15/02/2012For Determination  
Response to Cabinet to recommendations made by O & S Scrutiny Panel H on the 25th May 2011 concerning lease and other contractual provisions relating to Sixfields Stadium15/02/2012For Determination  
Corporate Performance Outturn 2011-1215/02/2012For Determination  
Sheltered Housing Review15/02/2012For Determination  
Review of discretionary business rates scheme15/02/2012For Determination  
2-4 Edith Street, Northampton ref: 95814/02/201221/02/2012Call-in expired
Capital Appraisals and Variations13/01/2012For Determination  
Capital Appraisals and Variations13/01/2012For Determination  
Land at Midsummer Meadow, Beckets Park and Delapre Park13/01/2012For Determination  
Community Centres - Appointment of Management Organisations13/01/2012For Determination  
Community Centres - Appointments of Management Organisations13/01/2012For Determination  
Kingsley Article 4 Direction13/01/2012For Determination  
Proposed Billing Road Conservation Area13/01/2012For Determination  
St James Employment Area Local Development Order13/01/2012For Determination  
Overview and Scrutiny Report: Scrutiny Panel 2: Independent Living Strategy15/12/2011For Determination  
Overview and Scrutiny: Scrutiny Panel 1 - Hate Crime15/12/2011For Determination  
Tenant Involvement Strategy15/12/2011For Determination  
Extension of Cleaning Services15/12/2011For Determination  
Developer Contributions Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)15/12/2011For Determination  
Planning Obligations - Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)15/12/2011For Determination  
Procurement Strategy15/11/2011For Determination  
Strategic Business Review - ICT15/11/2011For Determination  
Capital Appraisals and Variations15/11/2011For Determination  
Air Quality Progress Report15/11/2011For Determination  
Finance and Monitoring Outturn Report15/11/2011For Determination