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Information about Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for risk, financial control and governance (the way that the council makes decisions). It considers the Council’s internal audit strategy, plans and monitors performance. It also considers inspection reports by outside agencies.


Northampton Borough Council is seeking an independent chair for one of its foremost Committees.

The Audit Committee oversees all relevant processes for risk, control and governance. The purpose of the Audit Committee is to provide independent assurance and to support strong financial management and good governance.

Appointment of the independent chair will be on a fixed term basis until the Annual Council meeting of Northampton Borough Council in May 2019.  

Responsibilities will include establishing procedures to govern the Committee's work and ensure the Committee's full discharge of its duties and fostering good working relationships and communication among all Committee members.  

The independent chair will be expected to attend approximately eight meetings a year at the Guildhall. As well as any addition meetings scheduled as required.  

The allowance for the Independent Chair of the Audit Committee is £4306.94 per annum.

Find out more about the role at click here for link

Applications should be sent to the Monitoring Officer, Northampton Borough Council, the Guildhall, St Giles Square, Northampton, NN1 1DE or emailed to  by 5pm on Wednesday, 28 February 2018.  

If you would like to talk to someone further about this role please contact Jo Bonham on 01604 837668 or Tracy Tiff on 01604 837408.