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DRAFT Northamptonshire Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Strategy 2019-2022

Meeting: 16/10/2019 - Cabinet (Item 10)

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2.1.1   Cabinet considered and adopted the draft Countywide Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Strategy 2019-2022.


2.1.2   Cabinet committed to work with partner agencies to ensure the development and delivery of the strategy and associated action plans, through the community safety governance structures that are proposed.


2.1.3   Cabinet agreed to receive further reports on the implementation and progress of this strategy as and when necessary.



Councillor King as the relevant Cabinet Member presented the report and urged Members to adopt the Draft Northamptonshire Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Strategy.  Funding opportunities had previously been missed because the strategy had not been in place.


Councillor Stone considered that the strategy should have been implemented earlier.  Domestic violence and sexual violence were increasing year on year.  However, she did not consider this to be an adequate report.  The reference to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in section 3.1.6 was not good enough and needed to be taken more seriously.


Councillor Stone noted that although men can be victims of domestic and sexual violence, this was a gendered issue since 80% of victims were women.  Of the men, one third were abused by their male partners and another third were a result of retaliation by women who were victims themselves. It was important that the correct evidence was obtained, otherwise the strategy and its implementation would not be adequate.


Councillor King initially stated that the strategy had been prepared by Nikki Marzec from the Police and Crime Commissioners Office.  However, she later advised that it may have been written by Nikki Martin.


Councillor King advised that Home Office funding had been received recently, so some work on FGM had been done.  This work had not commenced when the report was drafted, and Councillor King agreed to ask for it to be added.


Councillor Ashraf was pleased the strategy had come to Cabinet, but disappointed that refugees had not been consulted.  She reminded Cabinet that a motion had been passed at Council on 10 December 2018 for financial assistance to Northamptonshire Domestic Abuse Service (NDAS), and asked how much had been given.


Councillor King stated that she and the Head of Housing and Wellbeing had had numerous conversations with NDAS, who were happy with how things were progressing. One of the reasons for the lack of funding had been the current strategy and once this was in place, progress could be made.


Councillor Beardsworth welcomed the report and questioned whether slavery should be included, especially in relation to those with additional needs and those from other countries.  It was shocking that there was no criminal prosecution for FGM.  She expressed appreciation for the work that had been done – especially since funding was difficult.  She questioned whether the New Zealand or Tasmanian model of removing the perpetrator rather than the victim could be an effective way forward.


Councillor King advised that slavery was unlikely to be covered by this strategy, but she would provide feedback and await any response.


The Head of Housing and Wellbeing advised that it was difficult to draw the line as to what was included in the strategy.  This was a draft county-wide strategy which each Northamptonshire Council was being asked to approve. An action plan was being developed with 5 objectives to be achieved in a reasonable time period.  Comments made would be taken on board in developing the actions linked to the strategy.


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